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  • Hello, welcome to visit Guizhou Theo Light Weight Energy Saving Board Co., Ltd.!
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        Guizhou Theo Light weight Energy Saving Co., Ltd. under the Guizhou Theo group, is the Midwest's largest building energy efficient product development, production, assembly enterprises. The company is committed to a one-stop overall housing assembly, one stop building energy efficiency materials production equipment assembly and the overall construction services. In response to the national construction industry, the development of intelligent needs, the company in 2014 and invested about 60000000 yuan in Guiyang, Guizhou, the establishment of a building energy saving materials production base.

    All our efforts to give you a more "safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable" home!

    Push the quality project, to do the pioneer of energy conservation and environmental protection. We are adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic innovation and development" concept,

    We adhere to the "one-stop" service, we can do is to let you worry, "housing construction time and money".

    Company name: Guizhou Theo Light Weight Energy Saving Board Co.,Ltd

    Company address: B block 8nd Floor,Hongtaishijia,No.40 South City Road,Nanming District, Guiyang city,China

    Factory address: Shuchang Industrial Zone Theo Energy Saving Building Material Production Base

    Tel: 008615180825859
    Company Tel: +86-851-85533533
    Company web site: http://www.fhasa.com
    Company mail: gztheo@163.com
    Copyright Guizhou Theo Light Weight Energy Saving Board Co., Ltd.
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